Friday, June 19, 2009

Fruit of the Spirit Friday

PATIENCE-this one is huge for me-sometimes. There are times when I am THE most patient person in the world. Other times-WATCH OUT! Why is that? I often suffer from "CLF" otherwise known as Checkout Line Frustration. Maybe God is showing me that I shouldn't be shopping-no I'm sure that's not it! Today I was in Publix strolling up to the checkout, about 2 feet from turning into lane 6 when out of the blue a woman zoomed past me with her lonely loaf of bread and went right in front of me in MY lane 6! SERIOUSLY! I thought, "O No, she didn't!" Now, please know that I am not a confrontational person-so this whole CLF thing happens strictly in my head! I am very careful to keep it to myself for my children's sake. But...I know my heart and it really sickens me sometimes! So back to Lane 6-when I rounded the corner of the isle I see that the woman already had checked out and apparently had to run back to get a loaf of bread that she forgot. She wasn't rushing to cut me-she was rushing to finish checking out so she wouldn't keep the next customer waiting. WOW-God yanked me back after that one. This was the second episode of CLF that hit me today alone! I had an "attack" at Target as well when there were only had 3 lanes open. "Why do they have 24 lanes when they never have more than 5 open at a time??", I muttered to myself. Well... now that you all are afraid to ever be seen with me at a store...I am so glad that God doesn't have the kind of patience with me that I had with Lane 6 Lady. I shove my way into situations I shouldn't. I don't let God do all that He has for me because of disobedience...yet He is patient with me time and time again. I know patience is a fruit that I need to let God develop in me. I am representing Christ at all times-to those at Publix, Target and to my children, and the fact that I fail Him so miserably after He has given me the ultimate Gift shames me. I will be joining CLF anonymous this week-but most importantly I will be praying for patience as I walk into any store this week!


  1. Kris, in all the years that I've known you which is your WHOLE life, I've NEVER met anyone who's had MORE patience . You're the most HUMBLE person next to Geneva that I know! LOVE the post that you bring everyday! I LOVE to read them and knowing that GOD is good ALL the time, and ALL the time GOD is good! Thanks for shareing your Journey with me! Love, Sheila :0)



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