Monday, June 15, 2009

Marriage Monday

I have been married almost 15 years. You would think that I would have it figured out by now! WRONG! I do know that my marriage rests on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Any other foundation would have crumbled long ago! Mondays will be Marriage Monday on my blog. These will be little excerpts of things that I have found useful, needed, funny, encouraging, or all of the above!

Top Tips For Married Women

1. From this day forward promise, swear you will shower him with two words that are like air and water: Thank You.
2. When he compliments you, smile broadly. Tell him you appreciate it.
3. Tuck his photo in your wallet. Let him know it’s there.
4. Looking good is feeling good. Don't ask him if you’re getting fat.
5. Don’t criticize. Especially when he gobbles down a bag of potato chips or cookies.
6. Don’t give him driving directions unless he asks. Just smile. He’ll figure it out.
7. Cook his favorite meals. Cooking is primal. It’s potent.
8. Make direct requests with as few words as possible. Get to the point fast.
9. When he makes a mistake, bite your tongue. Keep biting.
10. Give him some space. Let him do "guy" things without you.


  1. After 20(!) years these all come pretty easy for me except #6! I'm the worst! Maybe I should work on that one???
    I love your blog! =)



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