Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I was lost but now am found...

So I completely "abandoned" my blog when I started work-does that tell you how busy it has been??? But yesterday I was reading someone else's blog and realized that I missed my own blog. So I'm back...the dust has settled for the newness of school and I think I can handle blogging once again!
Work/school has been an adventure. The kids are enjoying their new school. Dylan is adjusting to 5 teachers in 5th grade. The expectations are high but he is adjusting. Holly is loving kindergarten. She has the "model" kindergarten teacher and she is learning so much already. And for me...2nd graders are awesome. I especially love grading 2nd grade papers!! I am loving being at a large school where there is so much going on. So far so good!
It's been so long since I blogged I forgot what the theme of Wednesdays were...let me check...ooooo "Weigh Down Wednesday" ho hum...
Well, I haven't gained any weight since summer...but I still have the 15 pounds I gained since spring hanging around...but I'm going to start my exercise routine tomorrow-Seriously --I am!! I neeeeed to exercise-I can tell the difference in my energy level since I started working. I know that will change when I start exercising again. So I WILL START EXERCISING TOMORROW...


  1. Has Holly confirmed her popular status? Do you know who is in her inner circle? :)



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