Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Dilemma

Our new school has intramural baseball. Dylan said he would like to participate in it. And Brian and I discussed that it would be especially good to help him warm up for spring baseball since last season (and the season before) Dylan's confidence was lacking. He has had such a hard time hitting the ball since kid pitch started 2 years ago. But, he LOVES baseball and has since he could walk and carry a little plastic bat. So here's the dilemma...I just found out today that the intramural baseball is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until 5 o'clock. "Big deal", you may say. This means that we probably would not get home until close to 6. That leaves only 2 hours for homework, making & eating dinner, making lunches, and bathtime. When are the kids supposed to play and have downtime? I have always been against filling every waking minute of my children's schedule with activities. We enjoy being home on the weeknights with our family and not rushing around from one thing to the next. I have always had a "one activity" rule in our house. (Holly has yet to have an activity during the school year. We have kept hers limited to summertime thus far.) I enjoy being able to come home, help my kids with homework in an unhurried way, sit at the table as a family and enjoy dinner and maybe some t.v., a game or bikeride before bathtime and 8 p.m bedtime. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything negative about other families who manage extracurricular activities...I'm just not good at juggling too many things at once like other moms are...the bottomline is the craziness and running is not what's best for MY family. Also, I am a working mom so my time at home is valuable. I need to have calm evenings and a clean home. However, I am aware that as my children get older and approach middle and high school, schedules will get busier. Ultimately, Brian and I are in control of our children's schedules. We want them to be well rounded, rested and happy. And so far I feel like we have succeeded at that. I let him do this activity even though it may make chaos at our house? I WILL NOT allow any activity to interfere with church on Wednesdays, or family dinners, or is my job as a parent to keep my kids' priorities in check...but if we can manage it...maybe we can fit in 10 weeks of intramural baseball???? Who knows....


  1. We (Paul and myself) agree wholeheartedly. A few years ago I was especially convicted to back out of many extra curricular activities that pulled us out of the home (even during the day) b/c they contributed to the development of only one child. We aren't there yet, but we try to really examine our activities before making a commitment to see if they meet the goals we have as a family. The happiest time of the day is when we are all sitting around the table. No matter what has occurred in the day, if we are all around the table together everything seems fine and worth every sacrifice.

    We have not allowed Tyler to play football b/c it wouldn't be best for the family as a whole. He was so excited this summer to be able to play flag football through i9 sports. I don't know if they do baseball, but it was a wonderful experience (they only play on Saturdays) and he appreciated the opportunity. I have seen huge growth in Tyler in learning to sacrifice for others b/c of the changes we made in scheduling. He frequently sacrifices for his younger siblings on his own accord and I pray that it is preparing him to be a mighty man of God that sacrifices for the good of his family.

    Thanks for sharing your heart on this. Shannon H.

  2. Oh, Kris, that is a dilemma! I am with you and have always vowed to not let our boys be overscheduled and have little to no "downtime". Blake and Landon just finished football and as they get older the schedules are so much more time consuming and rigorous! They are still kids and not trying to play pro, but apparently the rec department does not agree. I am with Shannon in that when our family is sitting together at the table together for dinner, it is the best time of the day, and for the last 3 months, making that happen every night has been a challenge. It has taken up so much of ALL of our lives for the past 2 1/2 months, that Russ and I were SOOOO RELIEVED for it to be OVER! I am pretty sure they will not be doing it again.

    If you feel like you would not be a peaceful family during this time, maybe you should let him sit it out until his regular season. A peaceful family is worth more than an extra baseball season. I am sure you are praying about it though, and maybe God will give you the peace about him playing. I am with you though...chaotic days into nights are not good, and the devil tries his best to get a foothold into our crazy lives!

    I pray you find peace with your decision! :)




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