Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday

This week I only spent $35 at the grocery. How?! you ask? Well I went through my frig and cabinets and made a meal plan for the things that were in my cabinet. I had enough meat for the week in the freezer. I'm really bad about not using everything in the cabinet and heading to the grocery and buying more stuff to fill the cabinet. And Brian has yet another paycut effective November 1st, so I'm trying to scale back where I can. So tonight I had some potatoes and needed a side dish. I didn't have time for baked potatoes (Brian doesn't like nuked baked potatoes), and we just had mashed late last week. Sooo, I thought I would try to make homemade cheesy scalloped potatoes. And they came out great!! My family loved them! Now they weren't as quick as a box but they didn't take that long and they definitely tasted yummier! If you want to tackle your own cheesy scalloped potatoes and want the recipe just let me know!!!


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