Thursday, November 5, 2009

100 Things About Me

1. I am closer to 40 than to 30.
2. And it bothers me ALOT.
3. I am a 2nd grade teacher
4. And I would be even if I didn't get paid (o.k. maybe only part-time!)
5. I love scrapbooking-though I don't find the time for it like I wish.
6. I love to cook and try new recipes.
7. I like my coffee with french vanilla creamer and 3 heaping teaspoons of sugar.
8. I am not naturally blonde.
9. My son's middle name is Ray-he's named after my dad.
10. My daughter's middle name is Mae-she's named after my and Brian's grandmother-both had Mae in their name.
11. Grammatical errors bother me.
12. I love to read.
13. I prefer nonfiction over fiction.
14. My most memorable Christmas was when I was in 4th grade and my parents had no money. So my parents and grandparents made all our presents that year.
15. My sister and I still have all the homemade gifts we got that year.
16. Our daughters now play with those gifts.
17. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother.
18. I have like 65 first cousins.
19. I hated high school.
20. If it wasn't for my 2 best friends (which are still my best friends now) I would not have any good memories of high school.
21. I loved college.
22. This month will mark 18 years since my husband and I started dating seriously.
23. 24 is my favorite show.
24. I don't like popcorn because it gets stuck in my teeth.
25. I talk to my mom on the phone almost everyday.
26. Potato chips and french onion dip is one of my favorite yummy snacks.
27. I like organizing.
28. My spiritual gift is administration.
29. I'm not a morning person.
30. But wish I was.
31. I think flowers are a waste-but don't tell my husband because he likes buying them for me!
32. I love being a mom more than anything in the world.
33. I like to dip a peanut butter sandwich in tomato soup.
34. I drive a minivan.
35. I would love a short, sassy haircut-but I'm not brave enough!
36. I don't like to travel.
37. I'd rather be home.
38. I love that my kids are past the toddler and preschool stage.
39. I'm loving this stage of life-they're still young but not babies any longer.
40. We just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.
41. I will not spend more than $20 on a purse.
42. I have no use for cats.
43. The dog I bought for my husband 15 years ago is still with us.
44. His name is Dallas.
45. I love roller coasters.
46. I love ridiculous scary movies.
47. I have never bought a lottery ticket.
48. The only time I have ever gambled was playing bingo with my mom once.
49. I won $25 and decided to quit while I was ahead.
50. I have decided this school year that I would love to teach Kindergarten.
51. A year ago-I would have said I would never want to teach Kindergarten.
52. I only get my hair done once a year
53. Because I can't stand spending the money.
54. I love reading about women in the Bible.
55. I have a hunger for God's Word
56. that I don't feed like I should.
57. My favorite restaurant is Melting Pot.
58. My favorite store is Target.
59. I can find everything I need there.
60. I could care less if I ever visit another mall.
61. I love bike riding with my family.
62. I'm not allergic to anything.
63. My favorite shower scent is warm vanilla sugar.
64. I don't like perfume.
65. I love new clothes.
66. I would buy a new outfit daily if I could.
67. I love playing scrabble
68. because I usually win :)
69. I wish we could take a real family vacation every summer.
70. but I'm thankful just to be able to be home with my kids all summer and hangout by the pool with friends.
71. I love banana splits from Dairy Queen.
72. I love that my mom and dad live 2 streets away
73. I have the best sofa.
74. I love getting pedicures
75. But once again can't stand spending the money.
76. I want a new vacuum for Christmas.
77. I love my church.
78. because God is doing great things there.
79. I love afternoon thunderstorms.
80. I live in comfy pajama pants at home.
81. My family is going on our first camping trip after Thanksgiving
82. and I can't wait.
83. I just recently gave away 7 bridesmaid dresses that were in my closet.
84. I grew up in South Florida with a pool in the backyard,
85. but I am not a good swimmer.
86. I hate cold weather.
87. I don't like talking in front of groups of people.
88. I worry about being a parent of a teenager.
89. I want to paint my bedroom grey.
90. and get a new comforter to match.
91. I try very hard not to spoil my children
92. by not buying them things that are not necessities except as gifts (birthdays/Christmas).
93. I love watching Funniest Home Videos with my kids.
94. I'm thankful that so many people love my children-aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends
95. I think having grandchildren will be awesome!
96. By the time we're 50 both of our children will be grown
97. And we can partaee!!
98. I love Jesus
99. And I’m going to heaven when I die.
100. Because He saved me.


  1. Once again...weepy. Your list is awesome!

  2. YOU make a mother very proud and I am truly blessed!!!! God has been so wonderful for giving you to me!!



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