Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mission: Impossible?

Have you ever tried to run a mile without stopping? Now I'm not talking to my fit friends who eat right and exercise like they should. I'm talking to my friends who are more like me-with meat on their bones (that shouldn't be there) and who flirt with exercise every now and again but never consistently. Well, I decided I was going to try it...yea, right! I started running and within about 2 minutes I thought I would die! So I stopped running and began walking until I caught my breath and then I ran a small spurt again until I had to go back to walking. So I completed the mile probably only actually running one-fourth of it. Who knew it would be soooo hard?? But now I'm on a mission....


  1. Love it! I did the same thing last week! I thought I would throw up, you know like they do on Biggest Loser! I think I ran for 4 straight minutes and that was it! I am with you, though... it is on my list!



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