Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Favorite Christmas

When I was a little girl I LOVED Barbies. And I played with them until I was ...I'm embarrassed to say 12! Of all the Christmases at my home growing up I hardly remember any of the gifts that I received, BUT I vividly remember the "Barbie" Christmas. I was in 4th grade and we had moved to Tallahassee to take care of my grandmother who was not doing well. My dad left behind his air conditioning business, also leaving behind income. My little brother who was 1 1/2 at the time had been sick and in the hospital until Christmas Eve. I'm sure, to my parents, Christmas looked grim that year. But as a child I was clueless to the stress and worries that I'm certain my parents must have experienced. It turns out that Christmas was the best, most memorable ever! I still have the gifts I received that year! My daughter and my nieces now play(and fight) over them!
My Mom and Grammie made pillows and cushions for Barbie furniture, and lots and lots of Barbie clothes. My Dad and Granddaddy made solid wood Barbie furniture. It's amazing that we didn't receive the "must have" gift of the season, or the newest technology-(which I'm sure was like a walkman with an Andy Gibb cassette at the time), but it is THE most memorable Christmas of my childhood. The lesson for me here is that I want to raise children that are content in the Lord, not in things. It doesn't matter whether or not we have the means to give them the newest or best or most. I don't want to do that. I believe if we did we would be doing a terrible disservice to our children! Those gifts and the labor of love that went into them are priceless. I hope that my children will have at least one memorable Christmas (and hopefully many more) as I did that year!

This was the living room furniture. Some of the cushions have since gone missing!

This is the dining room table.

This is the wardrobe. It was filled with beautiful clothes.

This is the bed. My favorite piece! Notice how the headboard is carved with Barbie's name. My mom has since made a new mattress and linens.


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