Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If -Then

I found a treasure today!! I know alot of my mom friends (like me) are looking for godly, consistent, effective ways to discipline our children. But so many times (at least in my house) things turn ugly! Whether it's raised voices (the Christianly way to say "yelling") or just flat ignoring a behavior because I don't have the strength to deal, discipline doesn't always go the way I know it should to raise my children to be godly adults. I found an if/then chart that clearly and consistently lays out behaviors and consequences. I plan on sitting down with my children and discussing and preparing them for this tool that I think will work wonderfully!!

Here's the link: If/Then Chart

Let me know what you think!


  1. Have used this chart since the guys were k5 & 1st grade -- currently not in use :) --
    Had it laminated for longer wear. I now use it as a resource when talking with parents.

  2. I have this chart also...my struggle is the age range in our home for consequences and figuring our how exactly the punishment should match the "crime". Thanks for the link. Let me know how it works for you. ;-)

  3. Susan-that's encouraging to know that you used this... knowing what wonderful gentlemen Brantley and Tyler have grown up to be!!!

  4. EVERYTHING from Doorposts is quality and Biblically sound. Love, love, love Doorposts. If you can get it, their book For Training in Righteousness is wonderful. Often you can find these books on ebay.



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