Monday, February 8, 2010

My Bible in 90 days Week 2

My first week was awesome! I am still ahead but after looking at next week's reading schedule, I see that the gap is closing quickly! I really enjoyed my reading each day. I purposed to pray before each section asking God to reveal to me what He would have for me to glean from each section. My Sunday school teacher spoke about the pros and cons of reading through the entire Bible in a specified time. A pro in reading in 90 days is that you can remember more than if you read in a year. By the end of a year you probably will forget the first half of what you read! A con in reading in 90 days is the tendency to just plow through without even paying attention to what you are reading. One way I am trying to avoid this pitfall is by sharing something I have read that day with my family, kind of a "comprehension check". And of course, as I mentioned, just praying for God's revelations as I read. One of my motives for doing this 90 day adventure is really about a time offering to the Lord. I want the way I spend my time to show the Lord that He is my priority not the tv shows or the computer, etc. (aka-actions speak louder than words!).
So, here are some questions posted by Patrice (the fellow blogger who introduced me to the 90 Day Bible Reading).
1. Have you tried to read the entire Bible before? Why or why not?
Yes! This has been my New Year's Resolution for probably 20 years!!

2. If you have tried to read the Bible in its entirety, what challenges did you face in fulfilling your desire? Where did you start? If you did not finish, how far did you get? I have read Genesis probably 20 times!! I just would never discipline myself to offer that time to the Lord everyday.

3. What have you found to be difficult and what have you found to be rewarding in your attempts to read the Bible in 90 days? It was difficult to read Leviticus. I enjoyed Genesis and Exodus because there were "stories and characters". But Leviticus is all rituals and legalistic explanations. It has been rewarding to spend that time with the Lord each day.

4. For those who may be struggling, what advice can you give to help encourage them to stick to the goal? This is a hard question. Because we all know reading God's Word is the right thing to do. But it's kind of like dieting, it has to click and you have to be ready for the commitment. But it's also about obedience. So my 2 words of advice would be: 1. Just do it 2. Pray

5. What excites you most about reading the entire Bible in 90 days?
Probably what excites me the most is knowing that I am being obedient to my heavenly Father and He is pleased by that!

Here are the verses for the week:

Monday: Leviticus 1:1 through Leviticus 14:32

Tuesday: Leviticus 14:33 through Leviticus 26:26

Wednesday: Leviticus 26:27 through Numbers 8:14

Thursday: Numbers 8:15 through Numbers 21:7

Friday: Numbers 21:8 through 32:19

Saturday: Numbers 32:20 through Deuteronomy 7:26

Sunday: Deuteronomy 8:1 through Deuteronomy 23:11

If you haven't started yet, but want to start this week...You can do it!


  1. I am so blessed to read that you are doing so well. I loved what you said about "He is my priority not the tv shows or the computer, etc." You hit it right on the head with that one! Keep it up, you are very inspiring!

  2. I totally relate with your answer to # 2, I have read Genesis way to many times in my goal to read the whole Bible, but this time I will do it :)



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