Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine for My Sweetie

I made Brian a scrapbook for Valentine's Day. Now, you might be saying, "Oh, I bet he loved that!*sarcasm*". Well, the scrapbook was not the real gift. It was about the gesture. I made a scrapbook with a page for each month. I titled it "Date Nights 2010". With the scrapbook came the promise that we would have a date night each month this year. Though we try to make this happen, well... alot of times it doesn't. I already added the pic from our date night for Valentine's Day.

Here's a couple of other pics.

I gave it to him last night when we went to the Ark for date night. He loved it! He loves our date nights-when we can devote time to each other separate from the kids. (what husband doesn't love that!) He told me he's already looking forward to March!


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