Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly Plans

Bible Study:
week 2 of Esther by Beth Moore, also working on 90
Bible Journey, studying Philipians Ch. 4

Memory Verse:
Joshua 23:8 But you are to hold fast to the Lord your God, as you have until now.

Husband Encouragement:
I kind of felt like I took advantage of Brian this weekend. I layed on the couch while he fed the kids Sunday night. He also helped alot last week while I headed out to 2 separate Bible studies. He hasn't complained. And I know that I work too, and am legitimately tired. But he works sooo much harder than I do. He deserves to come home to a hot meal and a vibrant wife. I will work on that this week!

Train Them Up:
Dylan is grounded this week for forgetting an assignment on Friday. I will try to keep this a positive punishment, by encouraging him to read or be productive in other ways when he's bored. I will not throw out scolding remarks constantly like, "well you should have done your homework..." No sense beating a dead horse and being discouraging. He knows what he did and why he's being punished.

Must Do:
-do our taxes

-still didn't do this one last week-wash the curtains in my room
-scrub my shower

Personal: I will continue with the Healthy choice meals this week-better choice health wise and financially speaking than buying lunch at school. I confess that I did not do my workout dvd once last week. I need to change that this week. Pray for my motivation!

Weekly Menu:
Monday - leftover lasagna from mom's
Tuesday - pork roast, mashed potatoes, cornbread
Wednesday - Night out! Sonny's BBQ for kids eat free night, kids buy lunch
Thursday - bbq chicken legs, baked beans, corn
Friday -pork chops, rice
Saturday - breaded chicken, pasta
Sunday - eat out at the Orange Blossom Festival, frozen pizza if they get hungry later in the day

-Orange Blossom Festival on Sunday
-Girls Night/Bible study Friday night

3 things I'm thankful for today:
-4 free evenings this week
-A sweet husband that texted me today, "How's my girl today?"
-a low stress job that I biggest stress is ,"Oh no! I didn't grade the spelling tests today!"


  1. I love Sonny's BBQ! Oh how I miss eating there. We do not have one close to us, so we only get to eat there once and a great while... :o(

  2. What a great way to be organized! The orange blossom festival sounds lovely--it can be a reward for finishing taxes.:)

  3. Thanks for joining me! Blessings on your week! =)



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