Monday, March 29, 2010

90 Day Bible Journey Week 9

Here are the weekly questions from Blessings Amid Chaos:

How have you changed in the last eight weeks? Is it simply a matter of modifying your routine a bit, or do you sense something deeper and more significant going on? What might it be?
In the beginning of this journey my Bible reading was kind of like homework. I HAD to do it and check it off the list. Though I was happy to complete it, it was not very meaningful. However, now reading my Bible is part of my day. It has become a peaceful moment that I look forward to-curling up on the couch with my Bible and a glass of sweet tea with lemon. I have fallen in love with God's Word. I was thinking about what will happen when this journey is over. I don't want it to end. And I won't let it. Though I may not be reading 10-15 chapters a day after this, I want to continue digging deep daily!

If you don’t sense a change in yourself, does someone in your family or close friends sense anything different about you? Or is it possible that you are resisting changes that God is inviting you to make? If so, can you or someone close to you think of how you might overcome this resistance?
I know that my children have begun to follow me in my Bible reading. They are aware that it is commonplace now to see my Bible and highlighter laying on the couch at all times. On more than one occasion my 5 year old has grabbed her Bible and sat next me and "read". She is a beginning reader and pretends to read! So cute!

Here are the verses for the week:

Monday: Jeremiah 33:23 through Jeremiah 47:7

Tuesday: Jeremiah 48:1 through Lamentations 1:22

Wednesday: Lamentations 2:1 through Ezekiel 12:20

Thursday: Ezekiel 12:2 through Ezekiel 23:39

Friday: Ezekiel 23:40 through Ezekiel 35:15

Saturday: Ezekiel 36:1 through Ezekiel 47:12

Sunday: Ezekiel 47:13 through Daniel 8:27

Have a blessed day! It's never too late to start the journey! If you would like to start this journey go back to my previous posts.


  1. I feel the same at first it was a obligation to read everyday and now I look forward to it.

    So sweet that your little girl comes and sits with you. My son asked me the other day why I was reading my Bible so much :)



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