Wednesday, April 7, 2010

90 Day Bible Journey Week 10

I can't believe we're finishing the Old Testament this week! I have to be honest, as much as I have loved the Old Testament-God has showed my sooo much-I am ready for the New Testament! I'm sick of ready to be done reading about the rebellion of the Israelites-Don't look at me so spiritual! I'm just being honest!! The bottom line is I am loving being immersed in God's Word!
Here's this week's readings.

Monday: Daniel 9:1 through Hosea 13:6

Tuesday: Hosea 13:7 through Amos 9:10

Wednesday: Amos 9:11 through Nahum 3:19

Thursday: Habakkuk 1:1 through Zechariah 10:12

Friday: Zechariah 11:1 through Matthew 4:25

Saturday: Matthew 5:1 through Matthew 15:39

Sunday: Matthew 16:1 through Matthew 26:56


  1. You are doing great...hang in there!! I am behind, but not stressing about it at all!!



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