Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is this an April Fools' Joke, God??

Brian left Sunday to go out of town for 10 weeks. I know I've whined about this plenty by now. To date, he has been gone 5 days. Many a woman has held down the fort while their husbands go on business trips. Why or why, then, is this such a disturbance to our household??? Maybe it's because he NEVER goes out of town. Maybe it's because he's such an awesome dad and takes on so much of my load at home whenever necessary and many times when it isn't necessary just to help out.
Whatever the reason, this is not fun. Since Tuesday my ears have been ringing. What does that mean? Is it high blood pressure or the stress that I am internalizing? I have been praying constantly and reading the Word. Because I know that is the right way to handle this ho-hum feeling that I'm experiencing. My kids have been fighting and whining. I have no motivation to do anything. I had visions of exercising and eating right and taking the kids on picnics and spending time with friends while Brian was gone. Yeah, right. None of that has happened.
Then, yesterday I was driving home from work, still 20 miles away from home, and the battery light in my van went on. As I turned the corner the power steering went out and the temperature gauge rapidly moved to hot. All I could think was, "You've got to be kidding me!!!" Once that thought passed, I immediately began to pray and told the kids to pray. As I pulled into the nearest parking lot the battery light went off, the power steering was fine, and the temperature gauge went back to its normal cool setting. We prayed the whole way home and made it just fine. I also thanked the Lord that we had Brian's truck at home as a back up vehicle. I know in my heart without a doubt that God is good and that He is watching over us. Yesterday's van incident of living proof of that and I want to testify to His goodness. Tonight I have Bible study at my house and I made appetizers and cupcakes last night. So I feel pretty good about that-being prepared and the fact that I got off my lazy, depressed butt last night and actually was productive. Today is my last day of school and then it is Spring Break!! Hallelujah! I know that Spring fever has added to my frustration this week. I know that next week is going to be fabulous. We are going to the beach and the pool. We're going to sleep in and stay up late watching movies together without a care in the world. And I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself and wait for that big overtime check to hit the bank next week (even though it will probably have to all go to van repairs...) and thank God that my husband has a job and that my children are healthy and that we have a 10 day vacation. God will work the rest out...I am confident of this-He is faithful and I can find rest in Him...


  1. Praying your next 9 weeks will be 'uneventful' with things breaking. Enjoy your break :)

  2. I just love your blog ~ I get such encouragement from it!
    YOU CAN DO IT! In 11 weeks, you'll look back and say, wow, it's over already!!!!!!!!!!



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