Tuesday, May 11, 2010


There is one thing I dislike about my job, and it's probably not what you may think. I work at an amazing place, BUT...they serve Pepsi on campus. Yep, that's my big complaint. I love Coca-cola. I used to drink like 6 cokes a day. But a few years back I gave it up. Now I can drink the occasional Coke when we go out to dinner and not fall off the wagon. I know some of you can relate to my love addiction of Coke. Although I've got my Coke consumption under contol, when I am overheated or super thirsty, drinking an ice cold coke is soooo refreshing. And sometimes only a Coke will do!
This morning when I read Proverbs 11, verse 25 really caught my attention:
...he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.
I want to be "refreshing" to my children, my students, the clerk at Target, my family and friends, and all I come in contact with. When I looked up refresh on dictionary.com is said "to restore strength to". The opposites of refresh are tire, wear upon, tire out, weary...sometimes I feel like that is what I do to others around me. The promise is-if I am refreshing to others, I, too will be refreshed. And, oh boy, do I need to be refreshed!!!


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