Friday, June 25, 2010

I Did Not Cry During Toy Story 3...

...though many of my friends said they did. Disclaimer-I do not cry at movies, so why would this one be any different?
Before we went to see the movie, I gave my kids a challenge to try to "see" God throughout the movie. I think this is a good way to help Dylan and Holly develop a Biblical worldview. Though my kids did not engage quite as enthusiastically in the dinner conversation as I had hoped, they each were able to articulate one "God moment" from the movie. Here's a list of their observations and mine:

1. After the Toys are separated from Andy, they realize that Andy wants them and is looking for them. This reminded me of how even when we feel distant from God, He wants us!
2. During this time of separation, the Toys thought being at Sunnyside was a better plan than Andy's plan for them. As a result they suffered. As we do when we are outside of God's will.
3. Lotso the bear made the Sunnyside Daycare seem so wonderful. But eventually the Toys ended up in boxes and baskets in captivity. In the same way, Satan makes sin look good and we end up in bondage to those same sins.
4. Lotso told the Toys lies-"It's better not to have owners. We're are our own masters here." Just as Satan tells us the lie that we are better off being our own master instead of relying on God.
5. Buzz Lightyear showed us what happens when we don't read the manual. We need to read the Manual! (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)
6. Lotso told another lie to the Toys. "You're not worth anything to your owner." Satan tries to get us to believe that God doesn't care about us and that we are worthless.
7. Lotso tricks the Toys in the end sending them to the furnace to be separated from their owner eternally, like Satan's ultimate goal for us.
8. Once Sunnyside Daycare was free from Lotso, the Toys were able to experience real joy and lots of blessings. As we do when we are not in bondage to sin.
9. And lastly, (my favorite one), God has a place and a plan for us in this world and He will take care of us, just as Andy did for his toys.

I encourage you to try to look at movies and books on your own and with your children, through a "God shaped lens". I believe it's one of the ways we can keep our focus on God through our daily activities.

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  1. I absolutely love your walk with God. It encourages me! You always encourage me to be a better mom and a better "Christian" mom at that. Awesome idea. Not only will it get my guys to think, it will open my eyes more too!

    You are the best!



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