Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random Blogging

1. School got out on Friday, and I am now (excitedly, I might add) gathering ideas for my new class in August. Yes, there's something wrong with me.
2. Be careful what you let your kids watch on t.v. Over the weekend we were watching a reality show on TLC called "Mall Cops-Mall of America". Now Dylan says he wants to be a mall cop when he grows up. At least that will save me from racking up college expenses...
3. I have this overwhelming urge to make meatballs. Anyone have a good recipe?
4. After my post about gossip, I feel like I've been bombarded by celebrity gossip. At the restaurant last night they had EXTRA on and I caught myself almost mesmerized by it! I had to snap out of it! Don't want the devil to get a foothold! However, I really want to see the new Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie...
5. Tomorrow is my toy poodle's 16th birthday. He is deaf and blind but still healthy and full of life. I bought him for my husband as a wedding present. Who knew 16 years later he'd still be kickin'?!

I'm linking up to Striving for 31. Check out her Random Blog Night.


  1. I remember when you got your little poodle. We were over one night and he fell asleep on Billy's foot. Bill got up to walk and he went flying, Bill didn't even know he was there, he was so tiny...



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