Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Organization Projects Pt. 1

One of my favorite things to do over the summer is to organize! There's always many areas in my little house that have been neglected during the school year. Can my teacher friends relate?? My first project this summer is my scrapbook shelves. Unfortunately, I don't have a scrapbook room. Instead, I have shelves in my upstairs hallway to store my supplies. Some of the shelves also hold books, videos/dvd's, and family games. If you don't think an area in your house isn't "too messy", take a picture of it and then look at it. Something about seeing it in a picture will make you realize just how bad it looks! I'm embarrassed to show you the before pictures...(You can click on each picture to enlarge it)

Here's the after:

This is the shelf for my cricut and the family games. I hid the games in these canvas cubes I got from Walmart for $6.

This is the shelf with the videos and books. I took a garbage bag full of vcr tapes and books to Goodwill. You can also see the organizers that I put the paper in. I categorized them and labeled them by color.

These are the shelves with my scrapbook stuff. I also got rid of a ton of scrapbooking magazines and some odds and ends embellishments that I haven't used for years.

I labeled all the baskets with my handy dandy label maker.

These are my ribbons. My friend Cynthia gave me these rings when she reorganized her scrapbook room.

What an improvement! Now I'm ready to scrap!!
And I can cross off #5 of My Summer Must-Do's and Want to-do's!


  1. Wow! Want to come do my house next?? :)

  2. Okay, I won't even get in your way. I will let you just do your organizing magic in my crafting area! See how easy I am! LOL

    Your space turned out great!

  3. just finished my much BETTER
    good job!!



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