Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Organization Projects Pt. 2

It's the moment you've been waiting for! Well maybe YOU haven't been waiting, but it's the moment I'VE been waiting for! I've been working for a couple of weeks organizing and finally decorating my bedroom. Partly because it was way overdue! My bedroom has been the same for many, many years. And unfortunately, it's always the last room that I get to. But I also wanted to redecorate the room as a surprise for Brian when he comes home 4th of July weekend. So I finished 3 days ahead of schedule. Go, Me! Did I mention that I did my little makeover for about $175?? Yes, I love Ikea!
Once again, I'm embarrassed to show you the before pics! I started tearing stuff out and almost forgot to take the pics.

And here's the after! I was going for a hotel-like feel. I got the white duvet and shams from Ikea for $50.

I love the blue and brown color scheme and it was super easy to find these colors in the stores.

We took down the worn out slatted closet doors and put up soft white curtains from Ikea. They slide open and closed really easily.

And of course, I organized the inside of the closet. I tried to put like colors together. I also put all of my shoes in clear plastic shoeboxes that I got at the dollar store. Then I labeled them all with my label maker.

The dark brown curtains are from Ikea as well. They are light blocking curtains, which enabled me to sleep until 9:15 this a.m.! This could be bad...
I was able to do the whole window including hardware for $50, in spite of this window being 145 inches!

My absolute favorite part of the room is the black and white pictures above the bed. I used my cricut to do the vinyl lettering. The wording is from Jer. 31:3. I got the frames from Michael's for $5 each. I used printed scrapbook paper in my color scheme to cover the plain white matting.

I have to thank my mom and dad for all of their help. I could not have finished so quickly without their help!


  1. It's beautiful! What a wonderful job you did!! I especially love the picture frames and lettering. I've been wanting to do the fruits of the spirit above my kitchen cabinets in the lettering.

  2. congrats...doesn't it feel great to have it done?!!! Beautiful colors

  3. Love it Kris! Looks sooo relaxing. You did a great job so sleep in and enjoy now!

  4. Looks so clean and relaxing! A retreat! You have inspired me to clean and organize here...I bought my new label maker and have been at it...



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