Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Reading

We are all ready for all our summer reading programs!

The first place we visited was Barnes & Noble. Here's the link for the info.
At Barnes and Noble if kids read any 8 books they get to pick a free book off their list.

We also are participating in the Lifeway Christian bookstore summer program. Here's the link to their info.

This one you have to actually purchase 5 books for the kids. Then they read those 5 books and the kids will get a prize-I have no idea what the prize is, but it doesn't matter! It's just another source of motivation! You get 15% off any of the books that you purchase. Dylans's books (age 11) are more pricey. But they had lots of books for Holly(age 6) for under $4. Like this one:

Lastly, we got the info for the public library summer program. It doesn't actually start until Sunday.

Each child gets a gameboard. The parents set the goal for each child. For instance, for Dylan each spot on the gameboard will be worth 20 minutes of reading. For Holly, each spot will be worth one book. When they reach certain spots they get to pick out of the treasure chest. They also are entered into drawings to win things like Miami Dolphins tickets, an IPod touch, passes to a Broward County waterpark and other cool stuff.

Now for Holly, motivation is not a problem. This is her first summer reading fluently on her own. She finished two of the books we bought/checked out in the car before we got home. But Dylan is another story! He is a good reader who reads above grade level, but he doesn't love it. So I have resorted to bribery. For every book he reads he'll get $5 from the First National Bank of Mom and Dad. While you might think this is a little extreme, remember, he reads longer chapter books. So I can get him to read 4 books over the summer, it will be $20 bucks well spent!

As not to be hypocritical, I am reading, reading, reading also!

This is one that I am reading now.

I am also simultaneously reading this one.
Loving both of them!
I hope you and your family will be reading this summer!


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