Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby Mama's

After reading a post on a blog that I frequent, I began to think back to the days when I had babies and preschoolers. I look back on those days with fondness...and STRESS! I remember constantly feeling out of sorts. I felt undone physically and mentally. My house was always a mess. Laundry was never caught up. "Things" were just never done. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute of my babies. I have precious memories of holding them, nursing them, nurturing them and just being in awe of their cuteness. But in spite of the overwhelming joy of that season of my life-it was hard! In retrospect, I wish I would have clinged to the Lord more during that time. He certainly "grew" me. But now...awww...I'm in what's called "the quiet years". Holly is no longer a preschooler and Dylan is just under the radar of becoming a teenager. Life is good. My house is clean most of the time. Laundry is a "non-issue". I cook most nights and love it. I have good systems in place in my home. And a huge difference is-I love homemaking! It helps tremendously that I have trained my children to help out. They clean their own rooms. They put away their own laundry. They help out all around the house. None of which was possible just 2-4 short years ago! So if you are in that toddler/preschool stage of life. Take heart! Enjoy every minute of it. But remember, this too, shall pass. And things get better (in a different kind of way)! Be encouraged. Do your best as unto the Lord! As for the teen years loom ahead-I will be taking my own advice and hopefully in that season, I will draw near to the Lord and cling to His promises.


  1. I guess I didn't think it was so bad because we started over when Taylor was 13, and Cassidy 10. LOL But now with #4 soon to be here and Liam in the busy toddler years I am whisked back to what you were saying. The messy house, tired all the time and out of sorts. But I know it will pass and I thank God every day for this chance to do it twice! Thank you for reminding me to call on God more to help me through this season. For me I am in 2 seasons at once.



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