Sunday, November 7, 2010

Parenting Advice Needed

My son has been texting a girl. He is 12. I have been reading his texts (he knows this and could care less). The texts really are innocent. They mostly consist of things like, "I'm bored, Me too, whatcha doing?, nothing, where r u?, home, k, bye," I've noticed she usually initiates the texts. Now, the dilemma is-we need to decide now what kind of boundaries we will set about texting-while the texts are still innocent. Texting was not something we dealt with when we were teenagers, so I can't even follow my parents' lead on this. The thing that bothers me about texting is the level of secrecy and the absence of boundaries, unlike a regular phone call on the family phone line. So, I'm looking for advice from people who are trying to "raise kids God's way". I know the world would say, "Let them text, what's the big deal?" But my Christian sisters understand my concern here-and I want to hear from you! Help!


  1. Ughh I still don't like the texting but yes Drew does it constantly! Girls do seem to initiate way to much with the texts. I wasn't even able to call boys on the phone as a teen but my how times have changed!
    My humble advice is to set boundaries such as not texting at meal times with family, church, etc....As long as you have a trustworthy relationship with Dylan it will be ok at this age. Yes I've found undesirable texts and taking the phone away at times for it and grounded him from other activities. That seemed to work and he knows at any time we may ask to see his phone, ipod whatever and check it. The problem with texting is that it is easy to delete messages. It really boils down to a heart issue and we as parents have to be on our knees praying that all we have taught them and all they have learned in their walk with the Lord will guide our kids. Ultimately as our kids grow we have to trust the Lord. Sadly we also have to keep the lines of communication open and have talks with our kids about the mess in this world such as "sexting", pornography, all of Satan's evil temptations and guide our kids to live beyond reproach of this. Will they fall sometimes? Yes, but our God is a loving, merciful, forgiving God and our ultimate parenting example. Share Proverbs ALL the time with your kids! Love you sorry this is so long!

  2. Thank you, Kim! I value your advice, knowing that our boys are not far apart in age and knowing your heart! I love your advice about sharing the Proverbs and keeping the lines of communication open. I will do both! xoxo

  3. I haven't any advice, but glad to know someone Godly navigating this before I will in just a couple years. Looking forward to reading some advice!

  4. Just wondering, is a phone necessary at this age? We didn't text as kids b/c we didn't have phones and we did fine. If I needed to get my mom or dad, I went to the school office to use the phone.
    I'm sure there will be some comments here, but really, is it necessary?



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