Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Pure Love

For love to endure, it must be kept pure. 
I saw this quote on a church sign.  It got me to thinkin':
How can I keep my husband's and my love pure?
Here's some things that I came up with:
1.  Stay away from shows like soap operas that give women a distorted view of love and romance.  Nothing can derail our love lives like unrealistic expectations.
2.  Read the Love Chapter regularly to remind myself of what godly, true love is.
3.  Be encouraged by godly women who have godly marriages.  I try not to get in conversations or "venting sessions" with women who do not have godly marriages (Notice I didn't say "perfect marriages").  This only sets me up for exchanging God's standards for my marriage with the world's.
4.  Make the physical part of our marriage a priority.  We all know that when it's not, it's hard for men to keep their minds pure.
5.   Don't take my husband for granted.  He is the ultimate father, husband, and spiritual leader of our home.  When I fail to be grateful for him DAILY, I forfeit many blessings that God has for our marriage.

May everyday be Valentine's Day in our marriages!


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