Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Farewell to Dallas

In 1994, Almost 17 years ago I gave this cute, fluffy toy poodle puppy to Brian for a wedding present.

This was the first picture taken of him. He was so little, he could barely walk. He was slipping and sliding on my parents' tile floor.

Fast forward to 2011. Here is the last picture taken of Dallas.

You can see in Dylan's face what our whole family was feeling. We knew it was time. Dallas lived a long, full life. He was our "baby" for 4 years before we had children. Then, he was Dylan's sibling for 5 years until we had Holly. He was truly "man's best friend" to Brian. I've even called Dylan, Dallas by mistake. It's strange not having him around. He moved into this house with Brian before I did. He was just part of the life we've built together. We feel like someone is missing from our family.

Holly wrote this note to Dallas on Monday.

My sister, Sherry,  just sent me this little clip. I think it puts it all in perspective.
You will be missed Dallas  6/10/94-3/19/11


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