Friday, March 18, 2011

What's For Dinner?

Today's recipe is not a gourmet masterpiece.  It's one of those go-to meals that real moms like me can make any day of the week.  It's steak hoagies.
I put all the frozen steak-umms in a pan on medium low with the lid on.  I just leave them in there to get soft for about 20 minutes.  Then I use a wooden spoon to break them all up in bite size pieces.  Much easier than breaking them up while their frozen.
Once the meat is cooked, add about 1/2 to 3/4 of a jar of spaghetti sauce, mushrooms (we're a mushroom-lovin' family), and a small amount of mozzarella cheeese.  You could certainly leave out the mushrooms and even add peppers and onions if you prefer.  Mix it all together and leave on low for 10 minutes or so.  Done!
Put the meat on a soft,  yummy hoagie roll and sprinkle a little mozzarella on top. 
Tonight I served it with sweet potato fries and marshmallow fluff.
Another one of those "real mom" go-to side dishes.  What?? Did someone say they don't dip their sweet potato fries in marshmallow fluff ??
OOOh, well, once you try it-you'll never eat them any other way!

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  1. I love Alexia Sweet Potato Fries! Why haven't I thought of dipping them in marshmallow puff? What a fantastic idea... can't wait to try it!



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