Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 Things I Remember About Mamaw

1.  She made the best banana pudding and fudge.
2.  She liked to take baths, not showers.
3.  She had beautiful hair and always fixed it so pretty with hot rollers.
4.  She loved Papaw in a way every woman should love her husband.
5.  For many years, she bought everyone - I mean, everyone, in our family a Christmas present.  Sometimes it was a just a pair of socks for each of the guys-but WOW!
6.  She loved word search books.  I venture to say she may even have set a record for completing the most word search books from start to finish.
7.  She loved reading her Bible.
8.  I loved spending the night at her house when I was little.
9.  She looked the most beautiful on Sunday mornings when she was in pretty dresses and skirts going to church.
10.  She was a mother to 13, a grandmother to 48, and a great grandmother to 38, and one amazing woman!! 

Thank you, Lord, for the legacy she left. 


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