Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Thoughts

1.  I'm having self-esteem issues physically, socially, & professionally.
2.  Why is being a woman so hard?
3.  Why do I care what other people think?
4.  When I have low SELF-esteem, lack of SELF-worth, or drowning in SELF-pity, I'm being prideful-THE END-I need to get over it.
5.  My husband just made us monkey bread-he's the best.
6.  We watched the royal wedding today.  The boys were TOR-TURED.  But they deserved it-we watch their "man" shows all.the.time.
7.  Only 23 school days left until summer-I'm doing a happy dance right now.
8.  My favorite part about Friday nights is turning the alarm OFF.
9.  My house is clean-this makes for a Won-der-ful weekend.
10.  I'm glad, yes, I said, I'm glad,  I'm having self-esteem issues physically, socially, & professionally-because if I had it all together what would I need the Lord for?
11. I love rainy nights like tonight.
12.  We (They) are watching Cody Banks-I'm counting the minutes til I can get in my bed and watch a good chick flick.
13.  Girls' night out tomorrow for my niece's 16th birthday-yahoo!  How is it possible that she is 16??  Just yesterday my sister was pregnant with her!
14.  One of the little boys in my class told me today that when we were practicing our Mother's Day song he almost cried.  {awwww heart melted}
15.   Finally-in response to #1: I am a new creation (& so are you): 2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
Oh, how I love God's promises!


  1. Kris, I love your blog! It is such a pick me up website where you openly "open" your heart to us with such a rawness that is so down to earth that it is refreshing in today's world! You make me think, you make me laugh, and at times you make me cry but mostly you inspire me to be a better me! Thank you

  2. Debi- thank u for such sweet words!!

  3. Debi- I stumbled on your blog from Comfy in the Kitchen and am so glad that I did. We have a lot in common... our kiddos are 6 years apart, we are both teachers, and most importantly we both love Christ. I will be a regular visitor here. Your words inspire and your recipes rock!!!! Lana :)



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