Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slacker Mom

That would be ME.  One of the parents in my class used this term to describe herself to me, and the term has stuck with me.  What's interesting is she is absolutely not a "Slacker Mom", but isn't that so typical of us moms to be so hard on ourselves?

What qualifies me to be a "Slacker Mom"? Well, the list is long, especially as of late.  But the most recent qualifying incident happened yesterday.  Holly lost her 3rd tooth.  {In the rankings of lost tooth importance, the 3rd one still ranks pretty high.  By the 8th or 9th tooth, the importance and novelty falls significantly.  If you're not there yet, you'll understand soon enough}. 
So, she lost her tooth and put it under her pillow.  Fast Forward 12 hours-6:20 a.m. Holly comes in my room-very disappointed-because the tooth fairy did not come.  UGHH.
I distract her with some nonsense that I can't even recall and run to my wallet-EMPTY (as usual)...so...I go to HER wallet, yes, I said HER wallet. S.L.A.C.K.E.R.   I score 5 bucks, run to her room and stick the $5 in her pillowcase (where it could be easily overlooked). 
I call her into the bedroom and assure her that she didn't look everywhere, and whatdoyaknow? $5 in the pillowcase.  I shared with  her that the tooth fairy probably didn't take her tooth because it was so tiny.  At which she assured me that the tooth fairy is a tiny, tiny fairy and the tooth is not that tiny to her.  oops.
Yes, I will pay back the $5 before she ever realizes it was gone.  Yes, I do feel guilty about the whole lie, I mean incident.
Hi, My name is Kris and I'm a "Slacker Mom".


  1. Kris, I am telling you we are such kindred spirits! Mackaylan has lost 3 teeth and I almost forgot the "visit" as well. You are not a slacker mom by any means (or if this qualifies you then I am sure you are joined by many others- myself included!) Hope the end of your school year is going by quickly. Summer here we come! :) Lana



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