Tuesday, June 7, 2011

11 things to accomplish In Summer 2011

Lists bring me joy. Summer makes me happy. Put the two together & I'm giddy!

1. {Organize my pantry}
I'm in the planning process for this task.
2. {Complete one household task a day}
Today it was cleaning out the frig & washing sheets. Tomorrow it's more sheet washing. Just one small thing a day but not too much as not to interfere with the summer fun!
3. {Read my entire Bible in 90 days}
My goal is to do this every year. It was an amazing accomplishment for me last year and definitely a time of drawing near to God. I'm excited to listen as I read on my iPad using an audio book I found on the virtual public library!
4. {Scrapbook}.
I've already booked my standing "scrapbook play dates" on Monday nights.
5. {Read LOTS}
I like to read about a book a week over the summer. Already finished book #1 called "Craving God". I recommend it. Any suggestions for good reads?
6. {Count calories & exercise}
I hate that this one is always on list! Hiding this verse in my heart for this task: "I Cor. 6:12 Everything is permissible, but not all is beneficial". I'm using an app called fitnessPal to keep track of calories. You can "friend request" people for encouragement. Let me know if you join! (it's free)!
7. {Do at least one fun activity with my kids each day}
It doesn't have to be an outing necessarily. But just something that I do WITH them that does not involve the t.v. Maybe a walk, reading a book, making a dessert together, etc. One of the best things about being a teacher is being a stay at home mom all summer. I want to take full advantage of this blessing!
8. {Paint our master bathroom}
Since all of our other renovations last summer, I realized how badly my bathroom needs a fresh coat of paint.
9. {Plan for next school year}
I love being able to plan at my leisure over the summer. There's so many things I could do better in my classroom. Summer is the perfect opportunity to reflect and redo!
10. {Have lots of friends over for dinner}
I do this during the school year, but time is always limited. Summer will allow us to entertain several families that we just couldn't fit in Sept.-May.
11. {Spend lots of time at the pool with friends}
This is officially my favorite activity of the summer. Relaxing at the pool, chatting, watching the kids swim. Then, having friends over for a summer lunch. LOVE it!

Happy Summer My Friends!


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