Sunday, June 26, 2011

Small Spaces

We don't have a separate "mud room", but we do have, I guess, what you would call a mud corner. Organization for the family is important. I'm convinced (after years of living in a small, cozy home) that no matter the size of your space you can make room to effectively organize everything. My current quest is not only to organize it but make it visually appealing as well.
This is our "mud corner" located right behind my front door.
I got this great calendar at JCPenney Outlet for $4.  It is a 4 month calendar.  I use a paper calendar tucked away on the frig for dates that may go past the 4 month span.  Each family member has a different color on the calendar. Everyone can see at a glance the events that pertain to them.
I got these heavy duty hangers from IKEA for $4.  My husband drilled them into the studs so they hold even the heaviest back pack.  No more back packs dropped at the front door.
Of course, letters made of vinyl using the Cricut makes everything pretty.
The end result: inexpensive, appealing organization that makes for a happy mama!
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  1. Nice job, Kris! Love it! I cannot wait to have our own place so that I can do something like that too. :o)

  2. Kris keep up the awesome ideas, especially those using the cricut1 You are so creative!
    Debi Malerba

  3. Thanks, Friends! I love your comments!



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