Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Boredom Busters

I know I may be struck by lightning for saying this, or at the very least, I may get slugged by a non-teacher, but I'M BORED!
It's 2 1/2 weeks into summer and I'm struggling, yes, struggling with staying busy, and not just for busyiness sake, but staying motivated is hard for me today.  Yesterday in my devotions I read the end of Proverbs 31.  The part that struck me hard is "She does not eat the bread of idleness".  I've been eating the bread of idleness and all the other bread in the house.  BLAH.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my time home for the most part.  This is my time to be a stay at home mom with my kids and take care of my household in a way that I can't as a working mom.  But today, I am just bored. Notice that it's Mom saying, "I'm bored" and not the kids...
I'm a firm believer in not having to entertain my kids every minute of the day.  We don't do summer camps or daily pricey outings (i.e. movies, waterparks, lunch outings and the like).  We spend time with friends, take advantage of the pool, and just enjoy downtime.  What do my kids do to entertain themselves? Well here's what they are doing as I type:
My 12 year old put up our tent in the yard and they brought out drinks and snacks and hung out.  All without any direction from me.  And that's the way I like it. 
Another way we spent our time today after we went to the pool of course, was making lunch.  I've learned I can entertain the kids for quite a while by letting them make their own lunch.  So we made pizzas.
I always try to use what I have in my pantry and avoid running out to the market on a whim.  I didn't have any tomato sauce, but I did have diced tomotoes.  So I pulled out my mini food chopper, added some garlic salt and basil.  And PRESTO tomato sauce!

I used 2 can of biscuits, but of course any dough or bread would work.  I put out any topping I could find for them to construct their pizzas.

And they came out pretty great!
Lunch provided about 45 minutes of entertainment!

But then I was bored again...  I really think this is the result of being self centered.  It's so natural for us as humans to be that way.  But it's certainly not a godly attitude.  I had to make a conscience decision to snap out of it.  I asked God to forgive me for complaining and being bored.  I also prayed for a swift change to my ho-hum attitude today.  He's so good and faithful.  I love that He cares about even the silly details of my life. 
Thanks for reading {listening}.  I'm off to plan a fun dinner for my family! 
Blessings to you, Kris


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