Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Organization Project: Kitchen Pantry

Let's face it: organization costs money. I've been scouting out pantry organization ideas on pinterest {amazing-you must visit!}, and my pantry could look phenomenal as well if I spent a gazillion dollars on baskets and other items from the Container Store! And if I had a pantry the size of my master bedroom like some of the pics I saw, my pantry too could be spectacular.
However, neither of these things are happening, so I gleaned what I could from the pics and tried to be super practical. I think I succeeded! Here's the before shots:
It was jam packed. Now when you see the after you'll notice I did toss some things, but not many. It really is just a product of better organization. I had a helper emptying the shelves.
At this point it looked like the pantry exploded.
I put aside all of the containers I previously used. I repurposed all of them.
I found that it's key to use baskets in my pantry since the cabinet is very deep and we haven't invested in the pull out shelves (yet:).
Awww much better!
I love the containers for the hot chocolate & oatmeal packs. The skinny basket was from the dollar section in Target and they're perfect for teabags. I have a snack basket, a baking basket, a basket for oils and vinegars, and basically baskets for everything else! There's no loose items.
I still have a little tweaking to do but all in all an organization success!



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