Sunday, July 31, 2011

Media Monday

{I'm participating in Media Mondays over at Women Living Well.}
How does Media in the year 2011 keep me from being a Proverbs 31 woman? 
Do you dare ask yourself this question? I feel my toes being stepped on as I type...

To be honest, my first thought when I read Courtney's post was "Media? Oh totally not distracted by it..."  Then, I got up to get a drink and saw this mess... (Just keepin' it real, girls & just for the record that is a bread machine that I made some homemade bread in just yesterday...)

Then, I walked back to the couch to sit down and it hit
This is where I was sitting.  Do you see it?  The iPad, Macbook and cell phone -all perfectly placed to distract surround me.  Ouch!

I love my technology.  I love having my lists and calendars all sync between my iPad, laptop, and phone.   I appreciate the great recipes, homemaking, and teaching ideas I find through other blogs.  I love the fact that I'm going to have iPads in my classroom next year.  I love reading my Bible on my iPad every morning. much as I love all of this amazing technology-
I love my family more!  And ALL of these things distract me from my family and my home.
I think Courtney said it perfectly.

Media Mondays could not have come at better time for me.  With a new Macbook on hand and school getting ready to start, I need to make sure I am honoring God with this technology.  One way I can do that is to not let Media take away from my family!

How does Media distract you from being the wife and mother that God has called you to be?
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Blessings to you,


  1. I LOVE your blog ~ always makes me think. I like this idea. I'm an easily distracted girl when it comes to things like this. I haven't been blogging much lately, but I may just join up.
    Love ya, girl!!

  2. So true, Kris! I think that all of the media is not distracting, but when I sit back and look at things I neglect b/c of it it is amazing. I will head over the Women Living Well and check out what Media Monday is all about! :) Lana



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