Saturday, September 24, 2011

Necklace Organization

This is how I organize stored my necklaces.  Not good. I was inspired by a project on Pinterest using a towel rod and S hooks to organize necklaces.  But I wasn't happy with how bulky and heavy all the towel rods were. I also didn't want it to turn into a $50 venture.  So, I took a trip to Ikea today and hit the jackpot!  
As my husband was running out the door to go golfing, I asked him to hang this for me, and being the sweetie he is, he did!
The rod is thin and streamlined,yet strong, and it was $1.99.  The s-hooks were 99 cents for a pack of 10.  I was silly enough to think that 2 packs were enough.  I had to take a 2nd trip to Ikea to get 2 more packs...
Then, I hung all the necklaces.

You may be able see in the background that I reused the jewelry tree for watches and bracelets.

Oh, how I love Pinterest and Ikea!!

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