Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Real Recipes for Real Moms {Wednesday}

I have declared this week "Real Recipes for Real Moms" Week!  Each day this week I will feature a "real recipe" for you!  I hope to give you a few new recipes to add to your regular recipe rotation.  

Wednesday's recipe is an oldie but goodie: Chicken Pot Pie.  I made these as mini pies.  But you could make the same recipe in a premade pie shell.  Or if you like the mini size, small ramekins would work as well.
So here's the recipe:
1.  Boil boneless skinless chicken in chicken broth.  I used thighs because they're cheaper and tastier in my opinion.  But you could certainly use breasts.
2.  Cut up the chicken.  Then in a large bowl combine a can of cream of potato soup and a can of cream of chicken soup. 
3.  Add frozen vegetables of your choice.  I used corn and chopped up fresh mushrooms since my family does not like most other veggies. Combine all the ingredients.
4.  Using the refrigerated pie crust (I use the store brand since it's cheaper) cut circles that are a little bigger than the jar opening.  Cut slits in the crust.

5.  Fill the jars with the mixture.  I was able to fill 6 jars. 
6.  Place the crusts on each jar creasing the edges to look pie like.  Bake for about 30-45 minutes on 350 degrees.
The end result was deliciousness.  I would even make these when I entertain.  I was worried that the jars were a little small and might not be a full individual serving.  But it was plenty.  The kids and I each ate 1 and my hubby ate 2.  I served with a salad.

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