Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful Rolls

Here's a fun new tradition to add to your Thanksgiving Day.   Make a bunch of "I'm thankful for..." slips of paper.

As each guest arrives, have them complete the sentence with something that they're thankful for.

Then, wrap each slip in a little piece of tinfoil.

Place the tinfoil in a crescent roll (or other roll of your choice) and roll it up.

Bake as directed on the package.  When they come out of the oven you would never know there's a little surprise in each!

Now, here's the important part.  Make sure you tell your guests that there's something inside the crescent roll! I don't want anyone having to do the heimlich maneuver on Thanksgiving!

When you break open the roll, the little piece of foil is tucked inside and the slip of paper is in tact.

I plan on having each guest read their "I'm thankful for" paper, and then they will guess who wrote it.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Blessings to you,



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