Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Keurig Iced Mocha

So it's the time of year when I crave iced coffees.  But getting them at fivebucks quickly adds up.  And it seems a shame to not be using my pretty Keurig all summer long.  Here's how to make your own iced coffee at home.
Use the Cafe Mocha coffee that most of us got in the initial variety pack:

Set it for the smallest cup size-6 oz.

Add sugar to the hot coffee so it will dissolve.  (We're anti-artificial sweetener around here-but if you prefer a sweetener, dissolving won't be an issue, so you can add it at the end.)

I only added one teaspoon and it was plenty sweet enough for me.  

Add LOTS of ice.

Add milk.

If you want to be really bad, add a little chocolate syrup.

I am a coffee snob, with that said, I honestly LOVE this coffee as much as a Starbuck's iced coffee!

Blessings to you, 


  1. I adore iced coffees and I too am a complete coffee snob ;)
    Looks super yummy!



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