Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 Parenting Mistakes

There's many things as parents that we do wrong.  But let's not be so hard on ourselves-there's lots we do right, too!  
We've made it a policy in our home that our "parenting handbook" is God's Word.   The Bible gives us the direction, guidance, and answers for any situation in our lives including parenting.  

But even still-there's many things as parents that we do wrong!!  
I follow @Parentingonpurpose on Twitter and I began thinking on one of their tweets.    

Hmmm-threatening, repeating, and bribing...How many times a day do you do one or more of these things in your parenting?   We shouldn't be doing any of these things regularly in our parenting, unless your goal is to raise little monsters LOL.  Here's why:
Threatening means you're not following through-your kids are smart and they see through the threats.  
Repeating means our kids don't need to obey the first time-they know that you'll say it 5 more times, so they can wait to obey.  
Bribing means your authority is not sufficient.  If you're having to buy them that toy at the store to get them to obey, or give them candy so they will obey, then you're sending the message that your children don't have to obey unless there's something in it for them.  

Do your kids whine and complain? Do they relentless beg, "please, please, please" after you've said no?  These 3 parenting sins maybe the cause.

 I challenge you to keep a mental list-or better yet, a written tally every time you threaten, repeat, or bribe your kids.   Then, tackle the one that you find yourself doing the most and resolve to lessen the threatening, repeating, or bribing.

Why are our children so hard to parent sometimes?  I bet God asks the same question...

Blessings to you,


  1. Loving on Purpose is a great book. Danny Silk is so inspiring. He makes thing so easy to understand. This is a MUST for every parent! Bill and I have taken the class twice and now teach it.



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