Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baking Supplies Organization

My baking shelf is the bottom shelf of my pantry.  And this is what it looked like as of yesterday...

Ummm, yea.  You can see the problem.  I've been trying to figure out the best solution, a cost effective solution.    I have a great big basket that fits perfectly to help corral the stuff and it also allows me to pull the basket out like a drawer.

Now to reorganize my supplies to fit better.  Up until now I have not been sold on the idea of taking food out of its original packaging to put into matching containers.  But as I surveyed my baking supplies, I realized a big part of the problem is that the bags of stuff and different shaped boxes and containers just don't stack well, resulting in an avalanche of supplies!
I found these containers at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for only $2 for a set of 4!  

I used my most favorite thing ever - chalkboard spray paint, to transform the lids.  I used a chalk ink marker on the lids.
Since the shelf is on the bottom I need to be able to see what's inside each container from the top of it.

Now I can easily maneuver through the shelf to find what I need.

For the items that had instructions or recipes on the packaging that I wanted to keep, I just cut out the information and taped it to the inside of the lid.

As I run out of items or replace them I can erase the writing from the lid and reuse them as needed.

What a difference! The new system paired with a baking shelf inventory will help me always know what I have on hand.

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  1. You are so crafty and organized! I need that bug to bite me. Thanks for posting all these. I never in a million years would have thought to use the chalk board paint. GREAT IDEA!

  2. Such an inexpensive, unique, practical and fun idea! Love it, thank you so much for sharing!


  3. You never cease to amaze me with your creative ideas!

  4. What a cute and clever idea...I love chalkboard paint too ;) Thanks so much for sharing!



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