Monday, April 2, 2012

Dollar Store Easter Centerpieces

I made these centerpieces for my daughter's Easter party at school using mostly dollar store finds.

I used 3 basic colors-pink, green, and yellow.  I recommend you stick to 3 colors so your centerpieces are streamlined and visually appealing.

I used these flowers from the dollar store. 1 bunch for each centerpiece.  I agonized over these LOL.  I even returned some until I found the ones that worked best.  I was determined to find them for a dollar, so I wouldn't have to spend a bunch of money.  I even made the vase of peeps and brought it with me to the store so I could try out the different bunches of flowers.  You may need to do the same to find the best ones from your dollar store selection.

These foamy eggs on a stick were the finishing touch.  I had some extras but each bag had my 3 primary colors.

I wasn't able to find the bunnies at Dollar Tree, only the chicks.  CVS was the only place near me that had different color Peep bunnies-even Walmart and Target only had 2 colors max.

The vase I used was a cylinder type from the dollar store.  It's not very big.  Probably only big enough for a baseball to fit inside.  Don't take the Peeps apart and put them in the vase.  I used 24 Peeps per vase.  I had to squeeze them in but that's what keeps them in tact.

The end result were cute centerpieces that took me about 30 minutes to assemble!

Happy Resurrection Day,

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  1. Oh, those are just adorable! I'm not hosting Easter this year, but I'm going to have to remember this for the future.



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