Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fast Food Free Summer

This will be our 3rd summer proclaimed as a "fast food free summer".  We normally don't frequent fast food restaurants, but a few summers ago I began seeing a pattern of our fast food visits becoming more frequent as summer rolled around.  It's just convenient-too convenient!  So began our the Fast Food Free Summer Challenge!  The KIDS brought it up about a week before school got out this year-(SCORE!)  It saves us money and it saves our arteries!  Our only disclaimer is this-we allow Subway since the food isn't fried there.  We will also allow 1-2 visits to Chick-fil-A because I have gift cards, {hee, hee}.  

Will you join us in this challenge this summer?? 

Blessings to you,

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brownie Waffle Sundae

Grab a box of brownie mix and prepare to wow your crowd.


Add a spoonful of brownie mix.  It's super important to not fill the waffle maker all the way to the corners.  The brownies expand as they cook.  

Now, my waffle maker is the fancy $5 one that I got the day after Thanksgiving a few years back, so it was a little tricky. The mix stayed in until the light turned green (about 4 min.)  But I had to let the brownie sit for about a minute to let it set.  If you try to take it out too quickly, it will crumble because it's hot and gooey.  I flipped the brownie waffle very carefully out onto the plate.  
If you have one of the waffle irons that just flip the waffle out, you'll be in great shape!

The result-yummmmm-My 13 year old son approved.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

As an elementary classroom teacher, I know first hand how parents can show their appreciation to teachers.  They shower us with gifts multiple times during the school year.  But sometimes I feel bad for the specials teachers-you know the p.e. teacher, music teacher, etc.  I especially thought of my daughter's speech teacher this year.  My 2nd grade daughter couldn't say the "r" sound, and as cute as it was, by 2nd grade other kids can be cruel.  So she started speech and her teacher did a work in her that was unbelievable! She can say the "r" sound now!  
To show my appreciation to her, here's what I did.

Here's a closeup of what the tag says:

Be sure to add that gift card in there-not just all the STuff!!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Holly's 8th Birthday-Wizard of Oz Style!

The much anticipated Wizard of Oz party happened today!    My sweet Holly turned 8!  I so love celebrating my children's birthday. They are my most precious earthly gifts and birthdays are a great reminder of these gifts!
Holly's day started with breakfast in bed- a Hughes Home tradition.
And then I'll let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves-But one question? How did I ever plan a party BEFORE Pinterest?...

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