Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Does the i in iPhone stand for idol?

I am very fond of my iPhone.  Ok, Ok, I LOVE my iphone! There's so much about it that is wonderful.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reminders, iCal, texting, camera, email, Dropbox, Evernote, Safari-This does not even include all of my must have apps-banking, Starbucks, Pinterest, Flipboard, At&t, flashlight, maps, Local10, Scramble with Friends-and the list could go on.  What's not to love?

But the other day something happened, I was at a red light and I reached for my phone-like I always do, because heaven forbid I have a moment of down time, and I realized that my phone was in my purse-IN THE BACK of my van.  A little bit of panic set in.  I didn't and couldn't have my phone within my reach.  What should I do?  This can't be happening.  
That's when it hit me-I might have a problem here.

I began to take an inventory of my iPhone usage.  Was I spending more time with my iPhone than I was in God's Word? Was I spending more time with my iPhone than in prayer.  Ummm, yes and yes.
There's one word for this-IDOL-like it or not.

So, what am I doing about this? Am I going to throw out my iPhone, go on an iPhone fast, swear to only use my iPhone for calls? My iPhone is a tool, a useful one.  It's fun and it's productive.  It's not a bad thing.  But I do need balance.  One way I'm tackling my addiction (it kind of stings to say that out loud), is by reading my Bible-using the Youversion app, of course.  I've begun reading my Bible through.  So when I feel the need to grab my phone and mindlessly start tapping apps, I'm going  directly to God's Word.  Yesterday alone, I read 17 chapters of the Bible-SEVENTEEN!  
Time well spent!
After all, my desire is that this would be my heart towards my Lord:

Not the other way around.

Can you relate?   

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  1. I’m proud that you have come to such realization. But I believe iPhone isn’t the cause of this dilemma. You can still stay true with your beliefs, even with gadgets around you. Like what you said, it takes balance.

    Venus Eckert



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