Saturday, August 11, 2012

Will Lie About Age...

Last night Brian and I went to my favorite place, Melting Pot, to celebrate our 18th anniversary-What to the What?? Yes, I was a baby when we got married. We had a realization about marriage in general last night. Not just marriage, but LASTING Biblical marriage. IT'S RARE. First of all, we sat across the isle from two women who were celebrating their 1 year anniversary with a 10 year old girl sitting with them. I can name a few things not right with that scenario. You can fill in those blanks. Secondly, our cute little blonde 20 something waitress asked us how long we've been married. Brian told her to guess. She told us she would never dare because you never know. She explained to us that she's waited on 60 year olds celebrating just a month. Now of course they could have been widows, but none the less, an eye opener. When we told her 18 years, she was literally flabbergasted. "I said 18 not 50", but to her, it might as well have been 50. She said, "it's so nice to see that people actually stay married. I didn't know that still happened". Wow. I thank God for our marriage. For holding it in His hands and preserving it during good times and bad. When Miss Preteen USA aka waitress said to Brian, "it must be hard". He says, "actually it's been quite easy". Good man, Good man.
In other news, today is my last day being 30-something. In the past, I never got it when women would lie about the age. Well guess what, I.GET.IT. I'm going to be Fort...I cant even say it and you'll do well not to say it to me either, mmmmk?


  1. Congrats on 18 years and for being *ahem* THAT age! No one would ever guess!!! <3



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