Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 7th

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say, "I can't wait for November 7th!".
November 7th...the day the political ads stop, the flyers stop filling my mailbox, the Facebook ranters "get over it" and all will be right with the world again-or maybe not...

Things will never will be "right with the world".  It won't be "right" until we get to heaven.  The "right" president won't make it right, if fact he doesn't exist.  Knowing that is why I've tried guarding my lips through this whole election process.

I'm not a fan of Romney.  I don't believe he's the answer.  Do you know what Mormons believe? You might want to check it out...

I'm not a fan of Obama.  I don't think he deserves another chance.  However, {brace yourselves}, the financial mess the U.S. is in isn't all his fault.  People took out mortgages they couldn't afford, wracked up debt they couldn't pay and then blame the government???  Ummm, really, people?  That's all I'll say about that.

The purpose of  this post though, is to share a simple thought I heard on the radio the other day.  Some people may be struggling with whether or not to vote.  (Unfortunately, I think most of the people willing to waive their right are Christians.) The freedom to vote is a huge privilege and responsibility.

To be really simplistic,  think about it this way:  If someone gave you $100 to buy groceries but you couldn't go to your idea grocery store, say Publix, would you just throw away the $100 instead of going to Winn-Dixie or a Super Walmart?  Of course you wouldn't, you would make the best choice with what is available and be a good steward of the money.   Simple yes, but the thought is relevant.  Although neither of these two men are ideal, I will make the choice to be a good steward of this freedom and vote.  I hope you will do the same.

Blessings to you,


  1. I cannot wait either and I agree with some of what you've stated, especially on the second paragraph. However, as Christians we have two choices: one is a Mormon, the other one is a Muslim (none good). We should go for the lesser of the two evils, meaning whoever represents better the conservative values we have as Christians and I think the choice here is obvious.

    On the other hand, whoever wants to leave religion out of this election and focus on other critical issues, they should watch open minded the documental "2016 Obama's America", truly an eye-opener, pretty alarming I must say.



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