Monday, January 7, 2013

Lego Birthday Party

My dear friend, Ana, threw an adorable Lego birthday party for her 3 year old cutie, Jacob.  It was so fantastic that I had to share the details with you! (A word of warning-I used the word "Genius" way too many times in this post!)

The Lego font on the banner is a cool touch. 
 The cheese and crackers Legos were sure to be a hit with 3 year olds!

Lego Pizzas-fabulous!

How adorable, yet simple are these lego cookies?  

These lego goodie bags are genius!

These little crayon Lego men Ana made using a Lego ice cube mold are my favorite little detail.

Ana wrapped the juice boxes in a Lego scrapbook paper-what a great idea!

 Ana's 6 year old son, Peyton constructed this Lego utensil holder.  Genius!

Adorable game-the kids sucked the Lego to the end of a straw and then transfered it to a plate.  
Genius way to keep 3 year olds busy!

This cake is fantastic-a red and blue fondant Lego cake decorated with colorful edible Lego men using that same ice mold she used for the crayons (Ana said she actually used 2 separate molds-one for food and one for non food-good choice!)
And even cuter than the cake is the birthday boy-he's a-dor-able!

I was so impressed by all of the details that Ana created.   
I hope you enjoyed and got some great ideas for your next birthday party!



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