Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pinned It. Made It. How Was It?

I pinned it.  (You might have to!).  I made it.  I know you're asking, "How was it?"

I made this for dinner for guests on Saturday night.

What changes I made in the recipe: It called for 6 tbsp. of hot sauce.  I read in the comments that some had swapped out for BBQ sauce.  So I went that route.  I found that I needed about 12 tbsp. of the BBQ sauce.  
What I liked:  I liked the the flavors: BBQ, potatoes, cheese, bacon.What's not to like?  We topped it with sour cream. 
What I didn't like:  The chicken was too "chunky" and a little dry. Next time I may shred the chicken or cut it in much smaller chunks.
Will I make it again (the true test!): Yes!  This is a good weeknight family meal-but not guest worthy. I will also try again with the hot sauce.

I was ambitious and made 2 desserts last night.  Mostly because I was skeptical of both so I needed a plan B!
What changes I made in the recipe:  I used egg roll wrappers instead of spring roll wrappers.  Not sure if this was the demise of the recipe!
What I liked:   I loved the nutella and bananas together.  The bananas got really sweet and yummy after being cooked.
What I didn't like:   This is one of those pins with no real recipe-only pics.  These kind are always a risk.  I opted to bake them instead of fry them-which was one of the options on the egg roll wrapper packaging.  But the wrapping was disgusting-a kind of chewy crunch.  Would frying work better? possibly but...
Will I make it again (the true test!):  No.  They were easy to make.  But I really don't think these will ever live up to the picture.  I have too many other pins to make to waste more time on this one!

What changes I made in the recipe: None.  I used the exact ingredients and methods.
What I liked:   A sugar cookie and good vanilla pudding.  The flavor was there.
What I didn't like:   The presentation was not what the pics promised.  The sugar never really carmelized.  I added more and more sugar.  I used a good quality food torch.  I would have had to torch each one for 5 min. each -possibly to get the desired look.  Way too time consuming.
Will I make it again (the true test!):  No.  This was a case of "too good to be true, then it probably is".

Though 2 out of 3 of my recipes were flops for me-I still had fun cooking them and my guests enjoyed trying them! That's the bottom line!
Happy Pinning!
{my reviews are in no way a reflection of the bloggers who posted these recipes.  These are just my opinions and experiences}



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