Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Guarding Your Heart With Social Media

I've haven't blogged in a gazillion years! Why not, you ask?
I have a list of legit excuses:
1.  After 14 years in the elementary classroom I switched positions this school year and I'm now our school's elementary library media specialist-which. BTW.  is a position I adore. ( I never dreamed that a job existed that I would love more than teaching!)
2.  I started my Master's Degree at FSU (Go, Noles!)
3. We sold our home of 19 years and bought an adorable home in a new but neighboring city.  (4 months later, I still wake up every morning and give God all the glory for this home He's blessed us with.)
4.  My boy started high school. We're now parents of a high schooler!!! (sniff, sniff)

While it hasn't been a stressful year-it has  been a busy one!  And when things get busy and overwhelming, all things but my God, my husband and my family have to take a back burner.

But now we are all settled in our home, the school year is wrapping up at work and at graduate school and summer is on the horizon!!! (insert Hallelujah chorus)  So a little blogging is in order.

And now to the matter at hand...
How do you guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23) in relation to social media?

I'm a big fan of social media.  It's fun, it's entertaining, it connects, and it can be a blessing.  But it can also cause drama and put things in front of us that we shouldn't be looking at or be involved in.  
I have one rule to help keep my social media life in check.
 I like to call it the "For All Eyes Only" rule.
If someone posts something on my feed or timeline that I wouldn't want my children to see, or if I would be embarrassed to read it or see it with my husband-then I shouldn't be reading it or seeing it either. Some things that fall into this category are foul language, scantly clad women, continuous gossip or complaining, posts revolving around alcohol, and/or constant political bashing. Your list may be different.  But these are the things that cause me to get annoyed or angry or that I feel uncomfortable reading and seeing. And I certainly don't want my children looking over my shoulder and seeing these things.
It's that simple.

Now here's the catch.  I've had to delete/unfollow friends, sometimes good friends, and even family, to adhere to this rule.
Does it mean I don't associate with these people or that I don't hold these people dear to me? Absolutely not! Remember before social media, we still kept in touch with people?
Social media is not and should not be the only way to stay connected with those we hold dear!
I've had to explain myself to people at times.  But I do it unapologetically, with love and do my best to not make it into a big deal-because in the big scheme of things-IT'S. NOT. A. BIG. DEAL. It's just Facebook, people!

So that's my rule, and I'm sticking to it.  Do you have a checks and balances system to guard your heart and mind when it comes to social media?  As women striving to be godly I encourage you to have a plan and stick to it!


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